Moldy waterbottles.  Diabetic bonking. Trail bitch faces and toast blazened man panties.  Sombra.  Dancing into a dying light.  Ridgelines and scrambles, rusted munitions.  Laughing till our faces hurt more than our legs. Bogs and bushwhacking. Back country saunas and dubious fire side guests.  Mascots and misfortune.  Stories.  Connections. Really big blisters. Foraging. Hare Krishna accordian happy birthdays.  Wagers won and lost. The Rickey Mile.  Moving swiftly over trail, collective foot falls and ragged breathing - running forges a primordial bond between those of us who choose to cover ground together; it transcends the modern day social contract, allowing us to shed our story and experience that rare, pure moment.  Hut Run Hut, one hell of a pure moment.

 - Misti Sayani, Calgary, Alberta


HutRunHut was one of my top life experiences! Amazing running guru and guide in Rickey Gates as well as one of the best and most fun women in running Jenn Shelton! The Colorado trails or off-trail running was amazing. Opening dinner was epic with an amazing “special guest”, who was one of most interesting people I ever wanted to meet in sports! During our time on the trail we did not see other people from when we left Aspen till we got to Vail. 7 days of Mountain High running! The Aspen Mountain guides did it all except run for us. Killer meals, giant fires for s’mores, cold brews, meszal and I must mention the epic music! The 10th Mountain Division Huts are the coolest views and places I have ever stayed. My fellow hutrunhut campers are amazing. Rickey and Jenn must have hand picked the coolest runners ever. This running camp is priceless and a must for anyone who is seeking to trail run with group as it should be------care-free, challenging and way-to-much fun 

- Skip Brand, San Francisco, CA


Hut Run Hut is an outstanding running adventure.  With Rickey and Jenn at the helm and fueled by equal parts mescal and unparalleled scenery, we experienced the Rockies from a truly unique perspective. Guides were of the highest caliber and took care of all the details and gear transport.  I highly recommend this trip and plan to keep tagging along for as long as I am allowed.

- Nathan Boddie, M.D.,M.S., Bend, OR


For a city person running on concrete most of the time, this was an excellent escape to get away from my email and cell phone, enjoy the beautiful scenery and meet some new people from all over the globe with a similar passion for trail running.

Rickey, Jenn and the Aspen Alpine Guides couldn't have put together a better week in the mountains. The food was great and the huts were much nicer than we all expected for a secluded log home without running water or power.

The pace during the day was relaxing and the terrain beautiful. If you want to hang back one day (or all days) and relax you can do that, if you would like to push the pace and run with someone off the front for part of the day you can do that as well.

I didn't know if I had the fitness to do something like this coming from sea level but it worked out well. Most people in the group had run at least one trail 50k in the past.

I would highly recommend this run to anyone that loves trail running and is looking for an unique once in a lifetime experience in a beautiful part of Colorado. I wouldn't ever have the knowledge, time or guts to plan or attempt something like this solo and couldn't have been around better people for the week. If we get the chance to do this again I will not hesitate to sign up.

- Michael Quaranto, Chicago, IL