Hut Run Hut is a six-day, one-hundred-mile, Aspen-to-Red Cliff mountain running adventure with a priority of fun over fast. Running ten to twenty-five miles (15-40kilometers) per day along the iconic and breath-taking Continental Divide, participants will traverse a portion of the Rockies while resting at the secluded 10th Mountain Division Huts along the way.

As a former hut-keeper and trail-worker with the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association I, Rickey Gates, am eager to share the experience of running remotely through the mountains that have long been my backyard. 

We will be offering two trips in the summer of 2020.

August 23-28

September 20-25

We will be pairing up with local and knowledgable Aspen Alpine Guides. AAG has been guiding people into and up the Rockies for a lot of years and I'm happy to be able to work with them.

We will be working with a local chef who will be preparing a unique, healthy and nutritious cuisine for us.

Cell phone coverage will be non-existent, oxygen will be minimal, antics, fun and beauty will be at the highest level. The total cost for the trip will cover all food, beer, all hut fees and local transportation.

WAIT! THERE'S MORE! To make sure that you have the right kit to run across the Rockies we are including a Salomon Advanced S-Lab Skin pack ($200 value) for each participant.

Due to the size of the huts the group size is set at 12 people.

Hut Run Hut with us!

- Rickey